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Please help me!!! 3yr old and TT Lock Rss

I have a DD who is 3 next wednesday and I have been on and off TT her for nearly 6mnths. She will use the potty when asked if she needs to use it. But wont tell us when she needs to use iykwim. I tell her to tell me that when she needs to go to the potty come to me and I will take her. But she tells me after she has gone. I put her in knickers hoping that this will help but she will have an accident and come in saying she doen wee. Some days we will go all day with no accidents or a whole day of accidents! When we have no accidents is b/c I have been asking her constantly if she needs to do wee or poo. I have now given up! My mother has been into me about this, as me and my bro were TT before we were 2. I dont wanna push her as she might go even futher backwards...So PLEASE help do I continue as we are, hoping she will do it on her own and I wont have to ask? Or stop and start later?!!! Im so very confused! Am I going to have a 3 yr old that is in nappies to she's 4?!!

HELP PLEASE............


Alanna,VIC DD 030503 DS1 290605 & DS2 040407

I toilet trained my daughter as soon as she turned two and was successful after about 2 weeks. She has seldom accidents and is dry in night times also. I toilet trained her straight to the toilet instead of potty because she likes to use what we use but putting a toilet seat with ladder over it of course. I personally think that toilet training is all about independence and readiness, age doen't tell it's time to train. For example, one of my neighbour's daughter is very similar to your daughter, still has accidents and tells she has done a pee after she's done it. She is 3 but not toilet trained fully yet whereas my daughter is 2.4 years but is dry all day and night long.My suggestion to my neighbour was be patient and wait for a couple of weeks and see if she is getting better. I also suggest her to train straight to use the toilet instead the potty, this may lessen the confusion and encourage the willingness to go the the toilet. From my experience straight using the toilet instead the potty shortens the training time. I only let my daughter to use potty when we are out and about in the park or beach where the public toilets are dirty and sometimes hard to find. Hope your daughter will be more ready soon. Good luck to you.

Lucy, mum to Stephanie-12/11/03

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