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HELP!! won't do poos in toilet... Lock Rss

We are toilt training my 2 year old daughter at the moment, and she is great as far as wees goes, and only has the very occasional accident. As for poos, she refuses to go in the toilet or ask for a nappy, and goes in her pants instead. I am losing my patience as we are constantly telling her calmly that poos goes in the toilet, and showing her etc. even tried bribing her with a new book that she will get if she manages it, and other treats but nothing works! She gets as far as sitting on the toilet and starts to push but then gets upset saying 'no, no i don't want to do poos!', she will hold on for several days as well, until it's really hurting her. It's like it's a fear of going that she has, as she'll say 'i don't feel very well' when she needs to do poos, and avoids the toilet at all costs - just quietly soils herself. I feel sorry for her too as she's often in pain and I don't want to be angry at her and make her feel worse but just don't know what to do. Any suggestions?

We are having this exact issue!! In fact miss 2.5yr started TT great guns, wees and poos on the potty and was very proud of herself the last 2 weeks shes started pooing her knickers and while im trying to stay calm its frustrating me!!
i am having the same "problem"
my DD will be 3 in december and she is fully toilet trained during the day for wees. she rarely has accidents and is competent at taking herself off to the toilet.
but ever since she had a tummy bug back in june she refuses to do poos on the toilet and will ask for a nappy.
i have chosen not to fight the issue and i just offer for her to go to the toilet or potty. she says no i want a nappy, so i give her a nappy and tell her that one day when she is ready, she can do a poo on the toilet and she tells me she will one day.
i figure its better just to give her time. shes still only young and there is still plenty of time for her to be toilet trained. ive got bigger fish to fry like her answering back at the moment;)
Hi there

I went through this with my DS when he was training, I was advised by the community nurse to let them use the nappy but change them in the toilet on the floor so they associate pooing with the toilet I guess. She also said to empty the nappies contents into the loo so they can see where its meant to go! Worked for us took a few weeks.

Hope this helps
My DS is 2.5 years and is inconsistent when it comes to TT. Some days he is very good in letting us know that he needs to do a poo and will sit on the potty for up to 1/2 hour while "waiting" for it smile. Other days he runs behind the couch and does one in his training nappy. OR, and this is the worst, he will do one during his swimming lesson (he has a swim nappy on) but the frustrating part is that he never did a poo during swimming when he was a baby, this behaviour has only just started and he is doing it every week now (Very embarrassing and annoying).
Mind you, he is inconsistent with wee's too.
I am seriously considering just waiting until it is much warmer weather and trying again, because I just cant trust him yet.

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