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Thought he was ready for TT...not sure anymore help! Lock Rss

Hi lovely ladies,
It's been 3 weeks of absolutely failure toilet training my 2 year old. I read the TT guide and was sure he was ready for it but I'm not sure anymore. What do you do when your child cries and protests and won't sit on the toilet seat or his potty? The first few days he would happily sit and read his book but now it's tantrums and protests..I am in tears as I feel horrible about it. Everyone tells me that he's probably not ready and I'm starting to believe that they might be right. I'm not one to give up so easily (yes his stubborn part comes from me) but I worry that I'm pushing him too much. What to do? Did I mention that I also have a 4 month old as well and I'm functioning on broken sleep? I'm going absolutely bonkers!! TT is on hiatus atm so would love some feedback and tips.
Im no expert as Ive been attempting to tt my son on and off for the past year but it sounds to me that maybe he isnt ready. I have just started again with him today as he is showing signs such as he will take off his pants outside in the backyard and go if he's in jocks and also holding on longer between wees, a good few hours or so. He's 3 in a few days and this time he seems so much more ready. In the past he's been happy to sit on the potty when he gets up in the morning but other times have been a struggle.

I would probably hold off if i was you, I know it would make life easier if he was trained but sounds like you are putting too much pressure on yourself too with a little bub and broken sleep.

I have a lot of friends with boys and they have all tt around 2.5-3 years. I have friends who wait till their kids are 3 as they believe it is easier at that age. I have also been told that when they are ready it only takes a week or so to train them - hope that helps

Good luck smile
Again, no expert.

I was told by erveryone to start at 2.5. When he was 2.5 I started talking to him about going to the toilet and got him to watch my husband go to the toilet. I used to call out really loud and we used to run in together to watch Daddy go to the toilet. I never asked him to do anything just watched. Before we started this I got a Wee Man from Toys R Us. After a few weeks of watching Daddy every now and again. I started talking about how if you can't reach the toilet to stand up like Daddy you can go in the Wee Man, he used to look at everything and then asked to flush the toilet after Daddy had gone. One day and not too long after we started watching Daddy he just went into the bathroom and did a wee in the Wee Man and then came running out to tell me and I ran in with him to have a look and we danced around the house and cuddled and said what a great job he had done and then when Daddy came home from work we ran to the door to tell Daddy, he was a big boy like Daddy now. I found just talking about things with him in most cases they will start to do anything you want them to. Same thing when we stopped anything in the bed. Talked about it for a few months about going to the toilet in the night and he just started getting up. He never wet the bed.

Hope it helps. Most kids want to please. Make a big deal out of anything they do to please you and then talk about doing something and how much it would please you. But never ask them to please you, just give them the information that they can do this to please you if they want to.


DD was ready for tt but just didn't like to sit on the toilet for any length of time (and didn't recognise when she needed to go quickly enough to actually make it there before accidents) for a while. We introduced the 'piddle count' as a time frame so she knew she only had to be there for a short time. We'd just put her on the toilet and tell her to do the piddle count and then she could hop off. The first few times we had to hold her in place but as she came to realise that the time wasn't that long she settled down a lot. If she didn't go by the time we got to the end of the piddle count it wasn't a big deal but limiting it that way really helped her.

For us the 'piddle count' started out with us counting from 1-10, then progressed to her helping us count (we'd say the odd numbers, she'd say the even numbers) to her counting from 1-10. Now we'll get her to count or sometimes we'll get her to help us sing her abc's or a song like twinkle twinkle. Basically we started it so that the time limit was short enough that she didn't feel like she was stuck there for ages but long enough that if she needed to go things would often start before the counting finished.

Thanks everyone; had another go at it today with no luck. I guess he isn't ready for it yet so we'll put TT on hiatus until the right time comes. Thanks again.
I knew DS was ready when he woke up from his day sleep dry.
Is your son waking up dry???

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