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Help me please!! Lock Rss

My daughter is 2 & 1/2 & we are still working on toilet training..

she's fine when she has no pants on, uses the toilet right away, but the minute i put a nappy, training pants or underwear on (none really fit anyway) she wets herself..

what can I do to get her to stop doing this?

also we're struggling with poo's a bit she prefers to poo in her nappy & runs off & hides to do it lol

we praise her when she uses the potty or toilet & we reward her with stickers aswell.

To me 2.5 is still young. My DD1 was closer to 3 before we had any success, now at 3.5 she still has accidents. I give encouragement by praising clean and dry knickers, especially if she she has just been to the loo.
We talk about keeping her knickers dry and how that is a big girl thing. I will also ask & praise throughout the day if her knickers are still dry. I also tell her wet/dirty knickers are not ok need to go in the wash.

There is nothing you can do to stop her wetting herself. Other then give her time. We have been toilet training for over 6 months. Its just on going. I know of some kids who just get it. But not my DD1.

In terms of no pants - I say leave her pantless at home. Maybe get some warm pull up socks at go over the knees to help keep her warm, and crank up the heater.

What happens if you put no knickers but really lose track pants on?

And for poos - can you encourage her to 'hide' in the toilet room and poo. Even if its in her pants to start with she will get familiar with pooing in that area. Then try and encourage her to poo while sitting on the toliet, but still wearing pants. Then finally get a pair of pants, cut a hole out the back, put them on her when she wants to poo and let the poo fall into the toilet.
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