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HELP 3yr DS won't poo on toilet Lock Rss

My son is totally toilet trained for no.1's, he hasn't had an accident for weeks and wakes up dry- but he has a no.2 accident EVERY SINGLE DAY! I don't understand why! I know he knows when he is going and often his 'accidents' are within 15 minutes of him going to the toilet- he just won't do no.2s on the toilet! Its incredibly frustrating for us but worse he is supposed to start preschool in three weeks and they can't attend at that preschool if they aren't totally toilet trained!! I've tried stickers, I've tried rewards, I've tried getting him to sit on the toilet for a couple of minutes at a time and he is SUPER excited about preschool and we've talked to him about not being able to start till he can do all his poo's on the toilet. At my wits end! Any tips!?
I'llbe watching this one with interest. We've been stuck in this stalemate with DS2 for months. It's driving me up the wall. He got wees in a week but the poos are driving me insane!

It's not even like he's scared to do them on the toilet. We have caught him in time a number times and everythime he does a poo on the toilet he gets super excited and is very proud of himself but he just won't take himself for poos or tell us if he needs to do one. He even tells us he's not doing one when it's very obvious he is.

Having said that we have caught him in time twice in two days now which is a reord for us, so if we can keep it up and stay alert to it we may get there soon!

DS1 was much easier. As soon as he needed to do a poo he hid in the same place everytime so it was easy to pick him up and carry him off to the toilet. DS2 has been a whole new experience!

Glad to see I'm not the only mum going through this toilet training drama, my almost 3 year old is confident with wee's at home but not out of the house and when she has to do #2's she tells me it's nap time and she needs a nappy on, as i've had really bad morning sickness for ages now i don't think to question her and instead think how good it is she wants a nap.....until she comes to me 10 mins later with a full nappy sad
Hope some one has some good tips, i too have tried bribery, and stickers and rewards with no success, she's not scared of it, i don't know what it is??
Have you tried encouraging him to stay on the toilet after a wee by singing songs, reading a book to him etc? We found DS was just jumping off the toilet too quickly and not having time to do a poo while he was there. It took a bit, but once he did one we made a big deal about what cool noise it made and what a big boy he was.

Good luck

I also had my DD holding onto her poos and the moment we got her off the toilet after her pee or once we get her into her nappy for her afternoon nap she will just do it in her panty or nsppy. We eventually just made her stay on the toilet after lunch before her afternoon nap, as that was the time she always pooped. She will fight (wriggle, scream and cry) to get off the toilet, and the moment she did that it was an indication that she needed to poo, as we observed her for 1 week. I will hold her down to remain seated on the toilet, and with perseverance, she did do her poo on the toilet the very first time I held her down. So after that I will reward her with the usual and big hype, and even start asking her if it was a big irritable small poo. So now after 10months, she will still tell me if it's a big or small poo after she goes. It seem to keep her interested as to wat is happening and to get her involved. just that 1 time, she has been willing to go to the toilets for poos. You might just need to find out wat excites your little one enough to be involved in what is coming out the ithet end if they are not afraid of it. Good luck.
ahh so glad im not the only one! my daughter has been TT in wees for months (although i only just recently took th ebig step in letting her go to shops in undies instead of pullups my fear not hers and she still wee'd on the toilet while out) but she asks for a nappy for a #2. i thought we had a break through on the weekend as she poo'd for me on saturday and daddy on sunday. yesterday had to be the worst day as she wouldnt even sit on the toilet and was screaming and crying for a nappy as she really needed to poo. i finally gave in because i was really upset we had gone back to nappies and i was getting angry that she wouldnt do it on the toilet. although today she has been a bit happier and will sit on the toilet if i give her a book to read but still wont poo. i ask her to fart on the toilet and she will push and get a fart out but when i ask her to push and get a poo out she wont she screams and jumps off the toilet. im having another due at christmas and i want to fully doing poos on the toilet well before then because i dont want her regressing. im sure wees will be fine as she has been doing them for so long. its just the poo issue. DD is 2years and 3 months old

Had to come back and update this one because after months and months we've finally had some success in the No2 department! grin

Started out as a bit of bribery. DS2 kept asking for a toy he saw in a catalouge so I told him I would get it if he started doing his poos on the toilet (luckily it is only $5). We got one poo in the beginning, then nothing. So last weeked I created a poo chart. I drew it up so it has a couple of rows each with five boxes and the 5th box in each row has a star in it. I told DS2 that everytime he does a poo on the toilet he gets to put a sticker on his chart and when he has enough to put one on the box with a star then he gets his toy. The beginning of the week was a bit slow because he was at childcare, but he has three stickers on the chart so far and only one accident this weekend! DS2 is very proud of his chart now and wants to show everyone each time he earns a new sticker.

Now I just need to think of a couple of extra rewards to keep us going until he well and truely has the hang of it tongue

Finally got DS using toilet for no.2's- after trying everything it just sort of .. happened. Was busy in the kitchen and he said he needed to do a wee so I put him up on the toilet and left him there to stir the dinner. So he was by himself on the toilet for 2 minutes and voila! It only took the once and then he just sort of got it. Thank goodness!
i only been toilet training my 2yr old son for 6 days now and he has been really good with his wee (no accidents for the last 3days) but he just cant seem to get the no2s. he always tells me after he does it in his undies sad but after reading all the comments i realised its too early to warry so im gonna keep trying everything i read here. thanks for everyone that gives an dea as they are very usefull. smile
Help! I really feel your pain. My daughter is almost 4 and has been TT'd for wees for almost 2 yrs. But for those 2 yrs we have been dealing with no.2's in her undies almost the entire time! I am totally at my wits end. I have tried everything - charts with stars, the promise of toys/lollies/movies/theme parks you name it. I have also tried the opposite of taking things away. We did have a couple of weeks a little while ago where she went in the toilet most times for about 2 weeks, and now we have regressed back to none in the toilet and all in her undies. The other problem is she is not regular, as in she doesn't go at the same time every day, and can go a couple of days without going at all. We have tried telling her to try and do a poo every time she does a wee and that helped a little bit, but then she will still go and do most of it in her undies. Also she's not embarrassed by it, she'll do it anywhere, park, daycare, friends house. I just don't know what to do anymore and I am starting to go mad at her which is not good. Please help before I go insane!
My DD is exactly the same @nickysue. She’s toilet trained for wee and is dry overnight, but refuses to do poo in the toilet. She even tried to put a nappy on herself today because I refused to. However after another accident, I’ve just given in and put her in nappies. I don’t know what else to do, treats, stamps, stickers have no effect whatsoever. It’s so frustrating, I feel like I’ve taken a massive step backwards.
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