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Advice on Toilet training, were do I go from here? Lock Rss

If she doesn't want nappies on and has the ability to go I say go for it smile.

Messes go hand in hand with it,other day I put ds on the loo (we don't use a potty but a toilet attatcher thing) and a I got him off he peed all down the front of me lol.

Maybe just try and put undies on her in the day at home,then shes feeling shes peed and it might help with her letting you know.

Goodluck to the both of you let us know how you get on smile.

If she is keen to TT I would stick with it, take her to the toilet every hour so she gets used to it, it will only take a few days and she should start to connect all the signs together and work out when she needs to go.
I'm tt my 26 month old and he will stay dry all day in undies if I'm always reminding and telling him to hop on the potty. He seems to realise as soon as he is on the potty he does something. I'm figuring he is a tad lazy lol just stick to it.. Good luck

It took DD1 about 3 months to get the hang of knowing when she needed to go. I thought she was never going to get it, she was a bit older though about 2.5 years. I'd keep persisting, they do get it eventually : )
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