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My 2.5 year old son will not keep his nappy on! At night/nap times he takes it off as soon as i leave the room, and even during the day while playing. I have asked him to leave it on, said only mommy can take it off, tried training pants, but nothing works, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Just a thought, but maybe this is his way of telling you he's ready for toilet training and no longer wants to wear nappies? My 2yr old daughter was doing the same thing, so we decided to start her on the potty and she's taken to it like a pro smile

Let us know how you go,

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

try getting him some undies with bob the builder or whoever he is in to

gail SA 4 girls 17months apart 1 set twins

Hi horizon, I thought my son had to be the worst at thking his nappy off. It got so bad that I ended up using safety pins on his PJ's (to attach the top to the pants) so that he couldn't get to his nappy, however the summer one's he quickly figured out that he could get access from the leg. He to doesn't like to keep them on in the day, but is now potty trained. You would think that this would stop now that he is wearing undies, no, he just doesn't like wearing pants. Socially he now knows that he must keep them on when we are out visiting, but at home he has his days.

As for night (he still wears nappies), he is old enough to understand instructions now, so before I leave his room each night we go through a sort of check list. I say Robert remember you must stay in, and he says "Bed" and leave your and he says "nappy on", not sure if this will work for everone but it sure works for me, he hasn't taken his nappy off since we started this. I no longer use pins!

Robert 20/02/2002 and Madeleine 24/04/2004

I have just had the exactly the same thing with my daughter Kate who is 22 months. I had big poos everywhere but the nappy.

She is also stuborn and very busy and wouldn't go on the potty or even sit on it long enough! In the end I resorted to nickers so it felt uncomfortable. After three days, today we did one poo, three wees (in the potty) and two accidents so we are finally getting there!

Good luck!


If you really want to keep the nappy on you could try the all in one short sleeve suits with no legs under his clothes or just that with pants and the snaps make it hard for them to get them off

otherwise i tend to agree with the others maybe he wants outta them.

Kym, SA, mother of Emma 9, Rhiana 2 & Chyane 1

my son did the same thing - and he did it all of a sudden! one day he took off his nappy and that was it - he just kept taking it off. he refused to put a nappy on at all even though he was not toilet trained. tried jocks which he was happy to wear (but doesnt save me mopping floors or on the spot bathtimes) so... at night time i let him go to bed without one but went in as soon as i was sure he was sound asleep and put one on him (and most nights it stayed there till morning).

day time became a full on crash course of toilet training (for him and me!!) it worked pretty quickly and i believe this was because i talked with my husband and we laid down some rules (for ourselves) first. NO negativity no matter what! we never used any words like "bad, naughty, wrong, mistake". when he did have an accident we just put on a silly face and said "oh dear! we have an oopsy " or somehting ridiculous like that then enlisted our son's help cleaning up. (they soon get sick of housework too). and when he did go it was OVER THE TOP magnified exagerated praise like he'd won a gold medal at the olympics.

It takes some energy but look at it this way - a lot of energy now for a short period or a little energy for a long time.
i forgot to say - i use this on my son all the time and it surprises me that it works so well (when nothing else seems to work). I put age limits on things he is allowed to do.... (and you could apply this to taking off a nappy i suppose). Eg. when he went to pick up little sister i said (in a voice that is more informative than law enforcing - like it was a fact that everyone should know) "oh no lockie. little boys have to be 5 years old before they can pick up little sisters darling!". he promptly let go and asked "5?". "oh yes didnt' i tell you? yeah 5 years old...." lol. i can't believe it worked but i have been using it ever since! and i reinforce that it's not just for when it's for times when he is doing something i don't want him to do by telling him other stuff that doesn't apply yet like "kids have to be 17 before they can drive a car" or " i can't wait till you're 10 cos then you can help me stir the dinner on the stove - but until then you can....(do this instead)".
anyway - just another suggestion - you never know it might work for you as well.
LOL I know the feeling! My 20 month old did that and it's not pleasant! He started taking an interest in the potty at 16 months but unfortunately we were more interested in it than him and we ended up going backwards. When I thought he was having a nap, he was actually totally starkers and weeing through the bars of his cot (so he didn't get his sheets wet!) or creating a masterpiece on the wall with his number 2's. Then I realised that if I put on an all-in-one snap-crotch bodysuit under his clothes and pj's he couldn't get his nappy off! We are in the process of trying to get him to say "wee wee mummy" and "poo poo mummy" instead of hollering but he's behind in his speech so that's a challenge all in itself! Sounds like your son may be ready for the potty smile Take it slowly and best of luck!

Sebastian's mum, WA

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