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Alright. Ds3 is nearly 2.5. he is more than ready to be a big boy and use the toilet. If he wears a nappy, he won't go to the toilet at all, just goes in his nappy. But if he's naked, he goes every time without fail. Which is great, but he can't be naked when we go out, lol. If I put undoes on him, he treats it like a nappy when it comes to poo's. And will start peeing in them, but doesn't like in running down his legs, lol so holds it and I can get him to go to the toilet. Any idea y he will only really go when he's naked? And how to get him to realize that undies aren't to be treated like a nappy? Its starting to bug me.
Might give that a go. Thanx. I just hope he don't poop in them, my poor floor, lol.

P.s. miss t... love ur signature... best show ever
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