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Toilet training 18 month old boy Lock Rss

We have a 18 month old boy and he is currently in the largest size huggies nappy pants, so now I am worried that he will be grown out of them and not be toilet trained. We bought a potty about 2 months ago and I have just been sitting him on it a couple of times a day to get him used to it although he will only sit there for about 10-30 seconds and that is with distracting him with books or toys. He really doesn't have much interest in the potty and doesn't know when he is wet. We have had one wee success although I think that was a fluke.
Every child is different, i think that when your child is ready they will let you know. Dont put pressure on yourself as a parent. By thinking children should start toilet training by any certain age. Ypur child may just say one day to you, no more nappies and take themselve to the toilet when they are ready
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