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Hi, my nearly 3 year old has become very jealous of her little sisiter (9months) in recent times. It seems that since her little sister can now crawl very well and get into all areas of the house, including big sister's room, the jealous monster in her has surfaced. Have you found this a common thing at this age and do they ever grow out of it?

Robyn, QLD

hi there,
my step son is 4 and he has always been a bit jelous of his little sis and more so since she has been able to get around and get into his stuff and she still now just wants todo and join in on whatever he is doin, he gets frustrated at this and always tells her to go away but its ok when he wants to join in on what she is doin or tries to take things of her, he also doesnt like it when attention is on her and is always doin stuff to try and advert it his way, i know this is all normal and i think as they get older it does settle down but they will always find things to argue about, so yea i think this is a common thing as ive seen it alot.
good luck

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

OK. I only have one. But Ill tell you what my mother told me. When I came into this world my sister was so jeolous she weed on my bed when I was sleeping.
Ok yer..normal jeolous behaviour my mum and dad thought....then there were things like hiding my school stuff growing up..pushing me off a cupboard because I wanted to pour my own drink, Throwing stuff at me when I fell pregnant, god where do I stop?
What I am trying to say is encourage against jeolous behaviour! I dont know how to-But from my experience I love my sister very much but she gets to jeolous way to easily.
Even when i finished school she tore up my school dress!
Try and help your daughters become best friends! As I would never wish upon anyone what I have dealt with over the years with my sister. Jeolousy is NOT just a faze if you dont act soon. It can be very serious!
I dont want to scare u-But warn u that serious action needs to be taken.
Let me know how u go-As It hurts when I think about the horrible things my sister has done to me in the past. I wish we were friends but I know that will never happen.

2 more sleeps


My 2yr 8 month old displays jealousy to his sister who is 14 months old and vice versa - it starts early!! For eg if I cuddle my son, then my daughter might get indignant and want to be cuddled too. I think it is something that just happens naturally unfortunately.

I think it is important for the older child to have a 'safe' play space. I allow my son to go into his room and close his door if he wants to play with something intricate and doesn't want his little sister 'helping'. I try to advocate that it is ok to want to play on his own, but then he needs to go to his room to do it. If he is playing in the lounge then he needs to share his toys. For example, this gives him the choice to be able to build high towers on his own, without his sister knocking them down, or play in the lounge and make a game of it by inviting his sister to knock them down.

I think it is very important for the older child to be able to do some things without being interrupted by the younger one. It is also important for both of them to learn to respect the other ones space. Sometimes my son has to sit back and watch while my daughter attempts to accomplish a task he has mastered (and just watching is difficult for him!).

Try to have special things that you do with each child too. I am working on getting that right at the moment. I think each child needs to have special time with you (not easy to accomplish!!).

Good luck - you are not alone!

Vanessa, QLD (2 children)

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