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Potty or big toilet? Lock Rss

Hi all, I'm a first time mum to a 28 month old little boy. I haven't even attempted toilet training - I did pop him on the big toilet once before a bath and he freaked out, so I've left it since then.
I don't really want to go the "no nappy" method as we have mostly carpet in our house and I just don't want to go there.

What is the best method that doesn't involve messes all over the house?

Also, I thought that if we got one of those double seat things for the toilet that has a smaller one that I could avoid having to re-train from potty to big toilet. Any ideas?

Mum to Spencer 28months

Carina, NSW

Hi Carina, I'm going through this process at the moment with my 25mth old daughter. I started her on the potty wihtout much success at all, she did maybe 3 wees in there in a month or so .. and she much preferred using it as a stepping stool to reach all those hard to get places. So, I ditched that idea and got her a padded toilet seat to go ontop of the regular toilet seat, and the first day I sat her on there she did a wee, and has done quite afew since.

I think they can understand the concept of using the toilet much more as they can see thats where mum and dad go, whereas with a potty they've never seen us use one of those and might confuse them a bit .. plus going straight to the toilet saves re-training from potty to toilet.

I've also tried pull-ups, and didn't find these useful at all as Jaida still thought of them as a nappy (even though we called them "big-girl pants").

Afew other things that can help is to get some picture books to read with him about using the toilet, if he has a favourite teddy or something .. pretent they're doing wee's on the toilet too and make a huge deal when they do (throw a mini party), also apparently they feel more secure if their feet are touching the ground .. so prehaps get a small step to put his feet on, and down the road this will also help for him to sit on the toilet himself.

Hope these help, let us know how you go.

Jaida (6), Ameli (2) & Lacey (2mths) - SA

Oh, the luxury of a choice! We have an outside dunny (as do some friends of ours), so we really have no choice! Am thinking of moving just to make toilet training easier!

18mth daughter

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