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Toilet Training Twins - Need Help Lock Rss

I am just starting to get my mind around the whole toilet training thing, but am not sure how to start and also how to start toilet training twins.

Would really appreciate any advice from twin parents or mums who have any helpful hints.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

Hi, my twins will be 3 in July, and I have an 8 week old baby girl. I was pretty scared about toilet training aswell, and when they first showed signs of interest in wanting to use the toilet, I was in my first trimester and really suffering from severe morning sickness, so I didn't maximise this window of opportunity. As summer approached we bought to pots and let them run around with no nappies, things started to go really well, and at home they were using the toilet but wearing nappies out and about, then one had a backslide and went back to nappies while the other is trained and only wearing a night nappy. In the end I found the potties a waste of time, as they wanted to use the toilet.
Someone told me not to train until they were both ready to start, that may be so, but I am now realising that Lachlan wasn't ready, while Hamish really was. I would hate to have held him back.

I started to stress about Lachlan not being trained, but someone else told me that their boys were not trained until three, and to relax. We have decided that Lachlan will do it in his own time, and certainly he is showing interest again and asking to use the toilet everynow and then. He was refusing outright and when we took the pressure off he relaxed. I think we will not try too hard until summer unless he starts to do it himself. Were your twins premmie? I think that has to be taken into account.
Just relax if one doesn't go as well as the other, and be prepared to run fast. It is easier with two toilets when they are both desperate, and when they both shout out " wee" in the car at the same time it can get pretty chaotic. Have you checked out the twin site at or They may have more practical help as I am still in the middle of it myself.

I think that at the end of the day it is the same as with single kids but more hectic. Although they can encourage each other. Good luck anyway!!!!

Nicole, western NSW, twins + baby, all under 3

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