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I am toilet training my 22 month old daughter at the moment and was giving an mnm to her as a reward for going on the potty. The problem I have now is that she is going all the time to get an mnm. I don't have a problem with her going so often it just bothers me that she is eating chocolate all the time. I like her to have a balanced diet without much processed sugar etc so I am looking for something I can give to her as an alternative. Has anyone got a suggestion for healthy food or other things I can give her as a reward?


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maybe you could switch to stickers or a stamp each time she goes?

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When Aimee was potty training she got to put a sticker on her potty each time she went and we have only got 3 stickers cos she forgot about it pretty quick (the stickers not the potty) and now she goes on the toilet anyway.

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I know what you mean about your child using the potty to get the lollies or chocolates, as my daughter was the same. We have had on again off again success with potty traing and my daughter is 2 years 8 months. I started buying little $2 dolls and I told her if she used the potty or big toilet for the whole day she would get a new doll... (I got some 25cm long rag dolls from Spotlight for $2 each) So far I have given my daughter 3 of the dolls... I bought 5 to start with. She has recently told me she doesn't like the potty and wants to use the big toilet, so I think we are on the right track at last.

We used stickers for a while and we also rang daddy at work to tell him about wees on the potty.

Just a few more ideas for you to concider.

Best of luck smile

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