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hi, i was just after some advice. i dont know when it started but i havent been able to keep my 15 month old daughter under her blankets for a long time now (a few months). i have tried less blankets, tucking her in tight..... but she still ends up sideways at the end of the bed. it was the same in the cot. i go in at night to check and she will be in the middle of the bed, fingers and toes freezing, but she still seems to sleep. how can i get her to stay under. also i think it might have something to do with the weather here. can be hot one night and cold the next.

Tam, Vic, 15mth girl


Don't be too concerned as my daughter is the same she will wake if she is cold if she is sleeping she must be content.But in winter put her in a singlet & jumpsuit & a baby sleeping bag then if she kicks the blankets off she will still be warm.

Good Luck

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