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re: great first bed! Lock Rss


I just wanted to share with you all, our experience of moving our 18month old from a cot to a bed. After shopping for beds & noticing how most of the beds are quite high & possibly scary to a toddler, we finally found a great little bed in Ikea. This bed resembles a miniture bed and is really cute and non threatening to a toddler. These beds are low to the ground , can have a guard attatched to the side to prevent them from falling out and have 3 lengths to extend to. We have started with the smallest length which is about the length of a cot. As he gets taller it can be extended out to twice till it becomes the full length of a standard single bed. Another great thing about this bed was that it fits all his cot sheets. The best thing of all , is that my little one is so proud of his bed and has loved it since day one. Considering the dramas we were having with him settling in a cot trying to get out everynight - this little bed is a god send. I hope this can help anyone out there who may be about to go through the changeover from cot to bed.
Hey Gayle,

We are curently looking for a bed for our youngest and I want to have an excuse to take my husband to Ikea, he just hates going there to just look around smile. Do you remember the name of the bed, as I had a look on their website but could only find the extendable beds without a rail. And also does the cot mattress fit on the bed when it is at it's shortest?

I'm in Perth so hopefully all Ikeas are the same smile


the name of the bed is Vikare extendable junior bed for $185. It is only available in white I believe. It looks quite ordinary in the catalogue and I only stumbled across it when I was in the store and it was the perfect size.It reminded me of the 3 bears (Little bears bed). There is a special mattress available - sorry I can,t remember the name but it cost approx $80.I think we tried the cot mattress and it was slightly too narrow to fit within the bed. However the cot sheets (including fitted ) fit perfectly.The guard rail is available separately to attatch to the side and can easily be swapped to the other side if you want to change the room around. This is in the same color as the bed & costs $15. My little one has never fallen out and if you place the rail so that it is line with their head to the mid leg area that will protect them from falling & allow enough room to get in & out at the feet end. I,m not sure if WA and VIC IKEAS have any differences in stock/prices but is definately worth checking out in the store. The catalogue does it no justice. Good luck & let me know how you go!! Gayle.
Yeah I've seen that one on their web page but here we have 2. The white one and a wooden one. And also $10 cheaper smile.

Shame that the cot mattress doesn't fit as that would have been handy. Thanks for your reply and I might get hubby to Ikea on the weekend so we can go and have a look smile

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