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settling a toddler in to a new house Lock Rss

hi i am just wanting some advice on the best ways to settle a toddler into a new house. my son (now 18 months) are moving into a place of our own tommorow after living with my mum and family. i am just wondering if any one has an ideas on how to get your toddler settled in and how to make them make the most of the new situation, this will also be the first time he will have his own room.
i have been telling him that we are moving soon and that he will be able to play in his bedroom, run around in the big backyard etc. but honestly i dont think he really understands any of it. i have also tried to involve him in the packing and shopping for our new place. well anyway wish me luck!!
cheers baysmummy
Congratulations on the new house! You'll really enjoy having space of your own. Maya and I moved into a place on our own 10 months ago, after living with her dad, then sleeping on a friend couch for 6 weeks. It's great having independence, and being able to set the boundaries etc. for Maya and establish a routine that suits us, and doen't have to fit with what other people are doing.

Maya is now 15 months, and we are moving again next week into a bigger place, so I am like you, a bit unsure how she will settle, as she was so young last time we moved. Here's how I am going to tackle it:
I've started packing the rest of the house, I'm leaving her room till the last minute. That way she won't be unsettled by all her things 'disappearing' into boxes.
I'm going to start moving on the Fri while she is at daycare. I'll move boxes, small things etc and get them unpacked. We'll stay Friday night in th eold house.
Saturday I have some friends helping to move the furniture, and I'm sending Maya to another friends for the day so she doesn't see all the disruption. The #1 priority will be getting her room set up with all her familiar things, by bedtime so she will feel comfortable in her own cot, blankets etc.
After that, we will gradually set up our new house. I will keep her toybox, rocking horse etc. acessible to her so that she understands that even tho we are in a different place, she is still safe and secure.

I hope these suggestions help. I think you will probably find that your son settles really well, epecially with having lots more room to move. I found when I moved in here on my own that I missed the adult contact etc. a bit, but it's also a relief, and it gives you a real sense of independence, and of being in control of your life and future.

Good luck, and let me know how the big move goes!

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06

PS. I forgot to say how much fun it is setting up house!!

Mum to Maya Grace 02-03, Sienna & Mercedes 10-06


I haven't had to go through the process of moving with a toddler, but had to look after my nephew while his mum moved house. She found that he took awhile to settle because of being looked after and not knowing what was happening. I know it sounds hard, but maybe try to get the toddler involved in shifting some how, hard but maybe let the toddler help pack and unpack into the new room....... Okay at that age they are going to be more of a hassle, but get someone to help your toddler. It may help settle the toddler if they see there stuff go into their room and be more co-operative if helping with their room. Just a thought.

Hope this makes sense.
hi all thanks for your suggestions!!! my son and i spent our first night in our new house last night!!!! it was a bit wierd being on our own but we are both settling in quite well. my son slept through the night for the first time in ages last night in his own room which i thought was a pretty good effort considering its a new place and he has never had his own room before. he is still a bit confused but i am involving him alot with all the unpacking and letting him choose where he wants to put his toys etc. he is also loving the fact of having a big backyard to run around in. so all in all everything is going really well. i think everything may just work out really well!
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