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Get out of the bedroom Lock Rss

My daughter has slept with me since she was born. When she was a year old she slept all night in a cot by herself. She was really sick when she was 18 months old. In the hospital I slept with her and when she got home I ended up in her bed.

She'll sleep till at least 11pm by herself, but after that she'll scream until I go into her room and lay down with her. When I lay down she wraps herself round my body and I end up falling asleep before her.

How can I get her to sleep by herself so I can have a good sleep? I don't mind her waking up and having to put her back to sleep, but I would like her in her own room by herself.

She doesn't have a bottle anymore. I'm wondering, should give her some warn milk when she wakes up though just to get her settled.

Bumping this up, as I also need some help for the same problem!

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I have taught my kids to sleep through from 8 months old. Definately do not give her warm milk. She is old enough to go through the night without anything.

My Recommendation is in her bed. Talk to her at 11pm when she wakes and tell her that you down the hall etc. and that you love her and that you will see her in the morning SHE IS NOT going to like that but tell her that if she cant be quiet and go to sleep that you will shut the door take away a toy that she sleeps with etc. The first night is going to be hell but dont give in. You will probably have about a week of her trying but she has to know it doesn't matter what she does she is going to have to sleep in her bed alone.

Get you husband on side and dont get on the bed stand next to it but dont give her any impression that she can sway you.

Hope soon you get some sleep and God Bless

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hi i am nearly the same as you she was in my room in the cot for about 9 months then i got firm and put her in her own room then it went bad i started getting up at 4 to her then it was every two hours it just keeped getting worse then i just had enough i brought her in with me it was so much easyier but i know deep deep down it worse i try and let her cry so she self settles but after 4 hours of crying night after night i gave up i am lost would not have clue what to do

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