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need advise on 13 mths getting out cot Lock Rss

I put DS in his cot all was good he had a 2 hr nap next min I herd a thump upstairs and he is on the ground crying he has climbed out of hid cot with the sides up and the base is attached as low as possible I put him in tonight and watched him go to the corner and use his arms to climb out I don't know what to do is he too young for a toddler bed Im worried he will hurt him shelf he's like a monkey climbs on all the furniture even my coffee table any one have any ideas what I can do my first ds never did this

cheers jean

I'd say into a toddler bed asap. I figgure as long as they are walking then they are old enough for a big girl/boy bed. better that than him breaking an arm or leg faling off the top of the cot!

I would get a toddler bed, they are really really really low to the ground. When my daughter went into her she rolled out a few times.... twice I walked in when she was restless and watched her ever so slowly roll off the bed, it was like slow motion.... lol

I used to put 2 pillows on the floor, so that if she fell off she had something to fall on, but it really wasn't necessary.

My son is a monkey too, he is nearly 16 months, I have his toddler bed ready to assemble (had it for 2 months in The first time he climbs out, the cot will be gone!

You might need a baby gate on the bedroom door just to make sure there is no wandering around the house at night, especially as the bedroom is upstairs. Until you can get a bed I would be inclined to take the side off the cot (if you can) and put some pillows on the floor. May aswell make it as safe as possible to get out of the cot!

Is OVER rude people

It is time for a big bed. DD1 was in a big bed by 8 months due to sever settlement issue and it was easier to put her into bed than a cot when she was asleep. never fell out use a safety rail on a normal single bed. DD2 at 17months has just gone to a bed due to her big sister getting her and them having a jumping match. With DD2 when to the tip shop brought a bed frame added some wheels from bunnings to make a trundle bed it is so low to the ground if she was to fall out she can not hurt herself.
I would agree with most PP's and put him into a bed, better than falling out of a cot. My DD's were 15 months old when they went into a bed, the eldest with a bed rail, the 2nd didn't need one.

DD was climbing out of her cot at about the same age. I started out by just putting the cot mattress on the floor for her to sleep on and then, once I'd come in of a morning and she was still on her mattress not somewhere on the floor (took about 2-3 months), I moved her into a normal bed. I figured that by having her on the mattress on the floor that if (lol WHEN) she rolled around it wasn't too far for her to "fall" and that once she was staying on the mattress she'd basically learnt the dimensions of the mattress so would be fine on a bed. I did leave the mattress on the floor beside the bed for a month or two after she moved into the bed and she's only fallen out once.

Thanks for the replies everyone

I cant take the side off as this cot it uses the cot side to hold it together I might go and look at getting a toddler bed as I dont want him getting hurt ive put pillows and soft dona around to cover the area at the moment



Hi I have a little climbing monkey as well. Thankfully he has not worked out how to get out of his safety sleep yet. I also have him in a sleeping bag which makes it difficult to climb. If he starts to climb out he is going into the sheets you can zip them into. Do not know what they are called but he can roll over in them, sit up but cannot stand. May seem a bit mean but there is no way my 13 month old would stay in a bed he would just roll off and play with his toys all night. Not all babies are cruisy ones who will stay in one spot. Mine has been busy from the get go and until he is old enough to understand he must stay in bed then he will be in a cot. Don't feel you have to rush it do what works for you guys.
the toddler beds are pretty low, but if you are still worried about him falling maybe you could start off with having the mattress on the ground then when you think he is ready put it back on the bed.

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