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How to get 19mnth old to stay in bed Lock Rss

She is still very young, maybe she is not ready to go into a bed just yet. If there is no rush I would put the side back on the cot and wait a bit longer. Both my older two were over 2 before we even started putting them in a bed.
This sounds exactly like what went on in our house. We put DD into a bed at 17 mths due to number 2 being on the way. I know its early, but if you are prepared to spend a few days being strong then you can get her to stay.

Once DD worked out she could get out we would put her in and leave, then if she got out we would put her back, leave and close the door, leaving her in there, most of the time protesting behind the door. After 2 mins go back in, put her back in bed (if she wouldn't stay lying down then just kept lying her down til she stayed, which at first might take 40 Then once she stayed laying down, stay patting her tummy for 2 minutes. Leave again , closing the door. Stay out for 4 minutes. Still protesting behind the door, go back in, get her laying down, stay for 2 minutes patting her tummy. Out for 6 minutes, in for 2... you get where im going. We never got past 8 minutes out time, and each sleep it got better and better.

We are now using the same technique since taking the dummy away DD is now 2 and we find this technique has always worked the best for her. We did the same thing when she learned to stand up in the cot and wouldn't go to sleep. They get the idea pretty quickly that you aren't going to give in.

Good luck.

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