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Sleeping problems Lock Rss

My 17 month old has started waking in the middle of the night screaming, which turns into sobbing and then staying awake for 2 to 3 hours just laying there chatting to himself. He only has 1 nap during the day and when he goes to bed at 6.30pm drops straight off to sleep, then all this starts at around 12 or 1am he then finally goes back to sleep and gets up at 6.30. He has all his teeth, but i think his 2yr molars are moving. Is this to earliy? any ideas.

Renata Tas 17m boy

Hi renata,my 17 month old has been waking 2 - 3 times a night.I've put his cot back into my room.I put him into my bed when he does wake , and once he's asleep i will put him back into his bed,but then he's awake from 6 am,it's starting to wear me out,he goes to sleep at 11 am for his nap, and wont go back to sleep till 9 pm..i cant really give you any advice,,but just know your not alone

sharon,gladstone, mum of 4

just got my 14 month old to sleep thrugh the night it took a while but i went to the childrens health nurse and got some tips... at dinner time i give him dinner then desert and then a bottle! about half an hour before his bed time he has a small amount of youghurt and now he sleeps from 8.00 till 7-00
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