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Any others out there. Lock Rss

My 8 month old still wakes up at least twice a night (if I am lucky)and usually doesn't settle untill he gets a feed. I just wanted to know if there were any others out there with older childen still waking up, I'm so frustrated because I think that he should be sleeping through by now. Please don't tell me there are still 1, 2 year olds still waking up because I need to know there is a light out the end of the tunnel. But also I would like to know I am not the only one.


Sam Qld,

Hi Sam,
I feel for you, but sorry, I have a sleeper. It's horrible to have disturbed sleep though. Emily usually wakes when she's teething, and it really mucks your sleep up! I think it would be better to have it a regular night wake than not expecting it... like when they are newborn. You just know they will wake up.
I know a few mums with babies that are 12 months that still are getting up once or twice a night to them.
I really think you either get a good one or a bad one - you can't predict it, and you can't change it. Some babies just are natural sleepers and others aren't. Thankfully there aren't too many teenagers that don't like to sleep (LOL), so they grow out of it at some stage. smile
I hope you get some sleep soon.

sam**, my 16mth old sleeps thru, 7pm - 8am usually, but my 3yr old, well, that's a different story. She wakes a couple of times per night 2 - 3 times per week. We let her cry sometimes, but at the moment, she's getting over a tummy bug, so need to go to her to see what's wrong! I look forward to a good nights sleep soon!

does your baby have a dummy? try putting it on a chain so he can find it himself. We started this when I decided our then 7mth old could do without a feed mid early morning. I didn't go to him when he woke, instead I let him cry. It lasted 1/2 hr of whinging until he gave up, found the dummy on the end of the chain & went back to sleep. The next night, it lasted 15mins, & the next 5. From then on, he's slept thru. Mind you, the cry wasn't a scream for help, a 'mummy I'm starving', or anything like that, more of a cry then turned into whinging noises. Nothing that stressed him too much (or me).

I'd say if you are going to try it, stick to it for 3 nights, if the crying is uncontrollable & doesn't settle or stop, then give up, he's obviously not ready. Try again in a couple of weeks.

Believe me, it's easier tho to do it at the 7-8mth stage than try to get a pre schooler to sleep thru! I wish we'd trained our daughter to do it at that age too!
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