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one, two, three Lock Rss

Ok I understand the one, the two but what is the three. I thought I might try this as a method of discipline for the more naughty things like playing with mums computer. I use distraction very well but she is a tall little thing and the kitchen bench is the only safe place. She is pretty good with knowing what she can and can't touch but you know temptation is sometimes too great. So what happens at three. She is only 16 months I don't know that a "naughty spot" is the way I want to go yet, does anyone have any other ideas??


hi me too! my son is almost 16 months, the naughty spot works for dh but not for me. I say 1, 2 then raise my hand for a smack, if he doesnt stop on 3 which he usually does I pick him up and move him and say a stern NO. Sometimes on 3 he grabs what he cant have and runs1 its very hard not to laugh as i chase my escapee!
But yes i am interested in the answer to your question cause threaten oif a smack doesnt work cause i dont smack.. and i dont know what else to use...

Ashton 13/8/04, dylan 27/8/05, #3 due 22/9/07

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