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never met her uncle! Lock Rss

hi there every1,
just wanted to write a post as im quite excited because tomorrow my 15mth dd gets to meet her only uncle on her daddys side of family finally as he left for overseas when i was just preggo and he is comming back 4 visit. she has 5 uncles on my side and they love her to bits so heres hoping all goes well, her grandparents are coming over from nz in 2 wks also and they havnt seen her since she was a little bub. then my sissy moves up from vic with my niece in 2 wks also. junes going to be a very busy month for me and dd.
thanks for reading my post guys.

steph n alexis 20mths and pregnant with 2nd bub

that is so lovely, that the family all get together. My eldest is 10 and still yet to meet his uncle, due to reasons of my brother, he has his own issues with family, well me in particular actually, so it nice to hear that families are being reunited, have fun, i'm sure it will be great.
That is wonderful news, you must be over the moon!!! I wish you the best of luck but I'm sure everything will go perfectly!

Jo and Hay

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