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Mummy - Daughter relationship after having baby 2 Lock Rss

My daughter has never really resented me for having another baby but does play up when I am holding Jaxson but I know that that is to be expected, what I wasn't ready for was that she'd never call me mummy again ( up to now ) and that realy hurts. She stills loves to play with me and we do have a lot of fun together and I don't rush off to Jaxson when he cries if we are doing something but it is also annoying that she calls daddy daddy and nanna nanna but I don't get a mention and sometimes even get called daddy. Does anyone else have a similar problem or any other problems that may came up when they are both older. My daughter Madison is two and my little boy Jaxson is 3 months old.
My 11yo was great when my daughter was born.He helped in every way that he thought that he could do which was great.As they started to get older they had more of an understanding.Sometimes I felt bad because they were having so much fun but It was good to sit back and observethem bonding.There may be 8years between them but the 2yo gives her big brother a run for his money which is funny to watch.

Kerin mother,2yo girl,11yo boy, SA

LittleSasa,SA girl

My older children 8yr and 21 months are not resentful of the baby 4 months but Rhien (21mth) always wants to read or have a cuddle as soon as I sit down to feed Harrison. He gets louder and whinges more and more if I don't try and fit him into the feed. Its just gotten a whole lot harder as my husband has just deployed overseas for 6 months. Rhien has even statred waking up in the night again so now I have 2 to tend with in the night. I am very tired which is making it much harder to cope. Rhien is just so much more clingy in general. Also, my 8 yr old is my step daughter who until 12 months ago didn't have anything to do with her mother. Now she sometimes calls her Mum and thtat really hurts. I feel like I've had to work and earn the title and it bothers me that she just gets called that by existing.

Michelle, Townsville Qld, 8y, 21mth,16wk

You must be so tired and stressed at the moment. Have you tried to find, if you ever have the time, to find sites on step parents and children and if they have forums like this one so you can talk to people in your situation where after all these years the mother or father return and disrupt what you have built with your daughter. I hope things get better and your sons make your days a little easier and thta your husband returns ho,e soon.
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