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keeping 22mth old amused whilist breastfeeding my newborn? Lock Rss

Hi any hints or advice on how to keep my 22mth old boy 'busy' whilist I am breast feeding our new son, at the moment he does the naughtiest things, the latest climbing the bookshelf!
Some of it is partially jealously, and we do have special time together and all that.
It is just those hours I am spending feeding that is the problem.
He will watch Tv for 1/2 hr, for bob and playschool, I think that is long enough, he will also play with his duplo for awhile...
I am finding I spend most of my time yelling at him to behave, and it is really not the way I want it to be... Any advice will be much appreicated
Thanks for your time - Em

Em Tmba - mum to Liam 31/7/03 & Callum 7/5/05

Hi Em, I have a 2 1/2yr old girl and a 4 mth old boy. My girl will play up on me when I am breastfeeding if she is bored. I have taped some shows from the ABC and play them for her if she is playing up while I am feeding. It's more tv than I'd like her to watch, but I limit her tv watching to my feeding times and know that I won't be feeding for much longer so she won't be watching tele forever. I encourage her to get her baby doll and feed it at the same time (she also 'breastfeeds' her baby doll!). Sometimes we read books while I feed, or she makes me cups of coffee and cakes in her kitchen. Each time I put the baby down for a sleep I try to spend 15 minutes or so with her playing. We manage this a couple of times a day (and I get nothing else done!) and this seems to keep her happy. If I have done this she seems to be happier to amuse herself while I am feeding. Sometimes she decides she's going to take advantage of me sitting down and feeding and she's really naughty. I can still get up out of the chair while I am feeding to stop her doing whatever she is doing that she's not supposed to be. Once she knows that I'm not tied to the chair and can come and check on what she is doing, she behaves herself. Good luck.

Hi there
I have 3 boys, and my last two boy are 19 months apart. So when I had my last baby boy I had to think of some for my 2 1/2 could do.

So I got a box with a lid, with toys that my son like to play with, in front of me while I was breastfeeding my baby.

BUT I only brought the box out when I was breastfeeding.

hope this can help amuse your 22mth child while you breastfeeding your baby.

I have read the previous replies to your post and I have to be honest and tell you that none of them worked for me. My daughter was 14 months old when my son was born and she got bored with the same box of toys she then got bored with the bags of activities and then of course she got bored with the shows I had taped for her and eventually went back to climbing on the tables and tv cabinent. Eventually I decided I had enough of her driving me up the wall with her constant misbehaviour and I got sick of yelling at her also. I grabbed her one morning feed time along with her favourite books and sat her next to me while my little man was having his feed. Within 3 days she had stopped trying to grab and pull at him and almost looked forward to his feed times almost as much as he did. We also sung nursery rhymes and songs with actions. Within 2 weeks she could do the hokey pokey knew the actions to twinkle twinkle and row row row your boat, knew the tune to her abc's. I just tried to turn the feed times into her special one on one attention times and it gave me more time during the day because the rest of the time she seemed to be more then happy to have her own quiet play time. Now that I have stopped breast feeding, I find even more time to do the things we all love to do together and when they both have a sleep togeher I get the housework done and always budget myself at least 30 mins of me time while they are sleeping. The hint is that the housework will always be there, I can promise its not going anywhere, but the opportunity to do something for you can pass you by before you even know it was there.
Ihope it helps
Ree,mother of 4-10,7,22mths & 7mths. Bastian,Toree, Halana


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