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what pram for children born 3 yrs apart Lock Rss

i was thinking of getting elijah a skateboard and then just get a single pram.

but i dont drive, so i dont think eli would be able to stand up all day long if we are out all day.
i dont want it too big as i will be using public transport. argh so many choices. i have no idea.

any help please?
what about a Phil and Teds? i have just brought one of those. i got a sports buggy with the doubles kit. DD will be 2 1/2 when this bubz is born.

Paige 23/5/06 Tyler 27/11/08

yeah i was thinking a phil and teds, for the long walks. and a love n care pram with toddler seat because its a bit smaller than a phil and teds, so that would be good for public transport.

i also wanted a tandem pram. but both the above prams are going to cost alot, so i figure i better not.
I'm not sure if cost is a factor? (I've found Phil and Ted's to be a bit too expensive - that's just me tho). I've bought a simple childcare side by side stroller. Both seats lay down so it will take a newborn and a toddler. My son is 2 and will be 2&5 months when bub is born and he has room to sit and sleep in it. It's very lightweight so would be good for public transport, and it fits through normal doorways. I've been thru a few different prams and this has been the simplest solution for me!
I just recently found the perfect product! It is on Bambino pronto website. IT is a seat that attaches to the side of a stroller and the seat can fold up so perfect for public transport situations. It costs $200 though.

Phil and Ted is great. I have one. My children are nearly four years apart, but my daughter is small, (15 kgs) and turning five in 4 weeks. I use it heaps whilst out walking for exercise or going to the shops.
I think also there is a skatebaord that is a seat also but it is bulky.
Good luck.

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i have a jogger with a toddler seat my kids like it. easy to steer around shops etc. mines a valco runabout. my boys are 5 months & 3 & a half. I also saw one the other day thats a stroller with an extra seat in front & folds down just as easy & small as a normal layback stroller so will be great for transport. Go to a baby shop & talk to them they might be able to help you find the best one for you.
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