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Play Credit Cards? Rss

Was wondering if anybody knows if there are toy credit cards/keycards out there. My son is obssessed with going through our wallets (yes, from now) and playing with our cards, he plays with them ALL day. We usually let him, and then hide them when he goes to bed, but so far he has lost my husbands credit card, my FlyBuys card, and my student card. He doesn't like business cards as they are paper. I want to buy him a little wallet with play money and "fake" cards. Does anybody know if these are sold anywhere? I haven't seen them anywhere before.

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I haven't seen them in shops either and I know what you mean... Maya loves them and is constantly asking for 'more money'!! She has a few plastic cards from hotels/resorts, the ones that opened the doors but if you had none of those you could make your own with cardboard or bussiness cards and just laminate them. I think its only about a $1 for an A4 size piece of laminating (you could fit heaps in one sheet) Alternatively you could buy a laminater, they are about $30 and I use mine all the time! Will even more when we start getting drawings, awards etc from school!!

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My daughter also has a cash register from big w or kmart or wherever!
She also has an old library card, mums old lotto card, hubbys old bank card and stuff like that. Some business cards are more "heavy duty" than others and she's happy with those too.

bindi - mum of two

Just an idea - do you have any of those gift cards from Target or Kmart or wherever, where you have spent the money, but haven't thrown the card itself out yet. Maybe your boy could use those as pretend credit cards (they look just like the real thing, and I know my five year old neice loves recieving 'credit cards' from us as presents - she lives interstate and the gift cards are easier & cheaper to post rather than big bulky presents).

James' Mum

My dd loves my purse too. I have an old one that I have to just tidy up and I can use that for her to carry. She loves business cards, so we have kept a few aside for her to put in her wallet. Also, the post offices usually have those pocket calendars - you could probably get them from banks and various other places.

For money, perhaps you could do the old put it under a sheet of paper and colour over it trick. Might not last very long, but then that is realistic isn't it!! As all new parents would know! hee hee hee.

WA - gorgeous little girl

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