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Hair accessories for a girl Lock Rss

My DD's hair is very slow growing but starting to get scragging around her ears. I was wondering if I could get some little clips to pin it back each side. What are other mums doing? When do you know its time to get their hair cut? I'm looking forward to when DD's hair is long enough to do little girly things with it - lol.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Nina has super long hair, she hates having clips or bands in it so i just leave it be. It is lovely and curly and looks devine just the way it is.

I hate seeing lil girls with tight hairbands, you know where you can see the skin being pulled up on their face!! Terrible.

How about a headband?
Kazi - There are these lacky things in multi colours and you can get em from Woolworths etc. Cost around $3 for 50. They look like lacky bands but they are non snag, easy to remove and they don't come out! They don't last for eva though but it is worth it to keep DD hair in place.

I am the hair lacky queen considering Miss Mia had her first hair cut at 8 weeks and had a piggy tail at 3 months (just to keep her hair outta her eyes).

If you can't work out my explanation, let me know and I will send you a couple so you know what to look for!

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