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Another Story.... Lock Rss

Okay, Poor Petey has moved onto better things with his best friend Mel and it's time to start a new story.

I have been volenteered to start this so if i get it all wrong, can some one please fix it or just let the post windle on down to oblivion.

In this story, the poster (yes YOU) can add what ever you like, 3 words, 4 words a whole sentence, whatever.....

I'll make a starting paragraph to introduce the new story...

Jo, Sydney mama of 2 boys

In the heart of suburbia stood a humbe home, it had a pretty front garden with flowers and backyard full of toys, this was the family of of the "Letssee".

Mother Letssee was heavly pregnant with her....

Jo, Sydney mama of 2 boys

second set of twins. She enjoyed watching
Post deleted by administrator.
then all of a sudden she rememeered that

Post deleted by administrator.
and couldnt quiet figure out

Post deleted by administrator.
didnt quiet understand how she got herself so messed up with life

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