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Win a Huggies Art Desk! 24th July 2013 Lock Rss

Watching my DS2 learn to walk. He cruised for almost 4 months and he could get from the squatting to standing position, it just took him ages to take the first step. But when he did, he was off and there was no stopping him!

Having my fist babies in a few weeks time. After being told I could not have any kids about a year ago getting pregnant was such a wonderful surprise. Now I am looking forward to my twins, a little boy and a girl. I cannot wait holding them in my arms finally fulfilling my dream of having a little family.
There have been so many highlights for 2013 so far! our little girl sat up, crawled, stood for the first time, got her first tooth, took her first wobbly step and slept through the night for the first time! it has been a year of firsts for us and every step along the way has been amazing! Perhaps one of the biggest highlights for us as a family has been moving from wellington to Napier to be closer to family just in time for our baby girls first birthday which was filled with fun, family, laughs and lots of love! She is now able to play with her cousins, see nanny and grandad every day and make new friends at her new playcenter. She also gets to see lots more of daddy now that we are here! I'm sure there will be many more highlights each and every day to come but we are all loving our new life up here!
My highlight for 2013 is not only do I have three beautiful boys I am now happily engaged to a wonderful man and father, making our family feel that more complete! happy
It is wonderful to watch how our little girl develops and accomplishes more and more by herself. But for 2013 so far my highlight was when she learned to stand her ground:
She was having a shower with her father and it was tiime to turn off the water and hope out, so he asked her "all done? are you finished?" of course she said "no" so he asked her "why?" to which she replied "I'm still going!" she had her hands out and gesturing strongly that tunirng off th wateer was not on the cards for her right now.
It was such a cute thing to see. She was strong and funny at the same time.
The biggest highlight of 2013 (so far) would have to be when my husband and I found out we were expecting our fourth bundle of joy! Every day since he has written I LOVE (with my initials) on my daughters drawing table. It was very sweet explaining the meaning to my six year old who is a wonderful reader but couldn't quiet work out what it meant. Every day since, one of them will colour the heart in or draw pictures around it (sometimes adorable scribbles all over it from my 18mnth old). It's very sweet. And a nice way to know that even in all the charming chaos of our family home we still find time to write each other love notes. It's great for the kids who see how much we love each other, even after 20 years (since finding each other as 14year old school children). Best friends make the best parents. wub
Within the past couple of months, i am busy with my son's first birthday party preparation. Busy planning theme for the party, what to wear what to cook and so on and so on with very limited budget. And here i am still printing and cutting and glue-ing paper and cardboard. And yet still have to do the ironing, cooking and playing with my son. Oh dear, excited yet stressful. I still remember this kinda stressfull planning my wedding party two years ago, but this one is lesser. The party will be held within next two weeks. I try to focus with what im doing and thinking of giving the best to my son for his very first birthday party! He wouldnt remember what happen on his birthday for sure, but im sure he will be happy looking at his 1st birthday pictures later in his life!
The highlight of 2013 for me was our trip back home to South Africa. We took our 10 month old to meet his family for the first time. He was amazing on the more than 32 hour flight both there and back. He and I flew back to NZ alone because his dad returned a week earlier. Our little guy was a jolly charmer all the way through - thanks to him we made a few new friends on the flight! He loved South Africa and meeting the family and our friends. His vocabulary took on a definite South African 'flavour' with words like 'hadeda', 'lizzard' and 'howzit!' Everyone was thrilled with him and no amount of time with him was enough.
My highlight of 2013 so far was the moment I was able to completely bond with my daughter. I had undiagnosed post natal depression for months. Finally a month ago I went to the doctors. They gave me medication and some steps to take to get better like eating breakfast, walking everyday and spending less time on Facebook. Two weeks ago today I woke up, and for the first time I actually wanted to get out of bed. I looked at my daughter as she smiled up at me and I felt an emotion I feared I would never experience. I felt a rush of love so immense my heart felt as though it could not contain the weight of it. Months and months after my daughter was born I experienced the bonding sensation I should have felt in the first few days of my daughters life. I love being a mum now. I am proud of myself and my child, we sing in public together haha and dance at the lake. I am finally being her mummy. I think there is very little that could beat that for me this year!
My highlight for 2013 is finding out we were pregnant with our second child, celebrating our sons second birthday much to his excitement and watching him get so excited about his little sibling in mummys tummy ... it is just so georgous
Telling my husband that we ar going to have a baby, we had only started planning to try. He was so excited, worried, scared but thrilled . I now have Bumblebee growing in me, the size of orange, thanks to huggies information
My highlight for 2013 has been watching my little bubba grow and reach her milestones. My favourites would have to be learning to give kisses and cuddles smile
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