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Win a Huggies Art Desk! 24th July 2013 Lock Rss

Our highlight for 2013 would be welcoming our 3rd and final child into this world. She was a total surprise as we didnt know what we were having. Turned out to be another little princess. She completes our family and we are looking forward to spending the rest of our lives getting to know our 3 little gifts.
so far this year we also have had our 2 sisters announce that they are also expecting their 1st children as well. So babies all around for us.

Watching my 3 year old develop and interact with her little brother (13 months). She is learning sight words and as soon as she learns something new she gets into teacher mode and tries to teach him too.
Wow, I have so many highlights in 2013 since the birth our our little boy Hurley. Every day is a highlight. However besides meeting Hurley after a lovely 18 hour labour I would have to say seeing and hearing him laugh for the first time is definitely a highlight for me. All I did to make him laugh was read out his name.... 'Hurley Jones' - who would have thought that was something to giggle at grin
Taking my 1 year old son to the miniture train's in williamstown, just seeing his face light up when he saw the train's and then when he got to ride on them made my heart melt.
Micaelalane wrote:
My highlight of 2013 so far was the moment I was able to completely bond with my daughter. I had undiagnosed post natal depression for months. Finally a month ago I went to the doctors. They gave me medication and some steps to take to get better like eating breakfast, walking everyday and spending less time on Facebook. Two weeks ago today I woke up, and for the first time I actually wanted to get out of bed. I looked at my daughter as she smiled up at me and I felt an emotion I feared I would never experience. I felt a rush of love so immense my heart felt as though it could not contain the weight of it. Months and months after my daughter was born I experienced the bonding sensation I should have felt in the first few days of my daughters life. I love being a mum now. I am proud of myself and my child, we sing in public together haha and dance at the lake. I am finally being her mummy. I think there is very little that could beat that for me this year!

Winning Wednesday

Congratulations to Micaelalane, you have been chosen as this week’s winner smile

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