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Me Too!! Lock Rss

me too!

i have a black coloured car...

nsw...5 1/2 month old boy....4yr old girl

me too a vt commodore

( what happens if u dont have the same as the last person)

I have 2 children - 1 girl and 1 boy.


Me Too

I am addicted to this Parents Exchange site.......

me too!!

i so need to get my hair done (coloured/cut/the works)!!

eìí? well ... it started with a kiss eìí?-3-064

Me Too!!!

i love hot chips on bread mmmm

TRINA, ZANE (both 22) imogen 12.11.04, Eden 23.11.

Me too!

I have brown eyes.....
Not me lol i have blue eyes

The next person is tired

Me too!

I am tall.

3 Gorgeous Girls!

Me too

Has a sunny day

Me Too

Has more then one baby

Me too

Wants more children

Lmao Mel, you aren't tall smile] you only just come up to my boobies sad]
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