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celebs who make u cringe Lock Rss

oh i have to start off by saying peter doherty (kate moss' lover) makes me cringe .. he always looks so dirty and drugged not someone id like around my child!!

and jordan the model or whatever she is (peter andres girlfriend) fair enough she is pretty but the way she acts like such a tart and drinking so much and partying while she is preg ew... and her first son, poor thing was born blind and with so many other problems, us as mothers know how precious our children are and it is so bad to see her doing all of these things

24 year old mum to 2 beautiful girls

Wow - I didn't know that about Jordan and Peter Andres baby! How sad - I'm guessing all related to the drinking and hard partying. How selfish can one be.

Anyhow a celeb that REALLY makes me cringe is Paul Holmes. You kiwis out there will know him - he is a TV and radio presenter - news and talkback and just gives me the shudders. He comes across as soooo self righteous!

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