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Share your bday cake successes Lock Rss

White chocolate mud cake

Double decker mud cake

Another cake

I loooove cakes!!!

Oh and I have to add this one too, it was one of the easiest I've made but I love how it turned out!

I have 2 kids birthday coming up next month....DD2 is thinking she wants a Platypus atm and I think DD1 is leaning towards just having a chocolate fountain with fruit and marshmallows this year instead of a cake.

I love making them a cake each year, my Mum did it for me and my siblings as children, so it is like a family tradition.

I did this one last year for my girl... Yours puts mine to shame!! well done!

Kate - Baby Girl aged 9months

These photos are fantastic! I'm in the process of planning the birthday cake for my 11 month old baby boy. Anyone have ideas?
I don't know if this will qualify but here is mine with Party Balloons-

Pink Frosting online shop an all in one solution for all your party supplies and needs.
More details here-

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