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I need help - i have 3 naming days in November and have no idea what to get for gifts. Don't want to spend a fortune and want to try and avoid getting something someone else might give them.
One is for a boy the other are for girls.
Any help or ideas would be great.
When I go to baby showers and things I just go to a crazy clarks and pick up a cheap basket or box and some cellophane. Then just go and buy some baby products and a teddy or toy. Then put the cellophance in the basket/box and fill it with your purchases. It'll look like a store bought gift pack.
Have a look at these teddy bears, not sure if they are in your price range or not, but maybe you could go halves with someone else.

DD was given one for her 1st bday & we have bought 1 for another friends bday aswell... I have seen about 5 or 6 different bears & they are all beautiful & well made.

A really great idea that i have used for a naming ceremony is a book from DR Suess calle 'Oh, the places you'll go'. The story behind it is nice. It's pretty cheap too.
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