Hi there i am mum to a beautiful 3 year old daughter with my husband. The last 3 years have been a difficult and very emotional time for me. Started off with a traumatic birth which I think along with other factors kicked off my post natal depression. For 17 months I kept this to myself while going through absolute hell before finally getting the courage to admit I needed help and went to my GP. When my daughter was 13months old my mum passed away unexpectedly and I was (still am) heartbroken. My husband has 2 sisters and one lives in same street with her 2 children, the other lives further away with her baby. Gradually I noticed my mil started visiting us less and less and when she did it was to drop something off for my husband and then she would be off quickly. My husband's family are very close and holiday together at Xmas time every year. The first Xmas holiday after mum passed away i just wanted to stay home to be close to my dad and brother as it was mum's anniversary too. I knew my husband was gutted I said no (first time in 16 years) and I suspected he was texting family about it so I checked his phone and came across messages between him and a sister who said that it was unfair that I stopped him going away with his family because of my mum and I had to just deal with her dying! I was absolutely gutted by her mean and heartless comments and also the fact my husband agreed with her and never once stood up for me. I kept it to myself as I do and it played on my mind for months until we had an argument one day. I told him about the messages I found and how it made me feel and why doesn't his mum visit her granddaughter to which he said it was because I never accept help from her (still trying to work out what this is) but if i had done it was probably when I was right in the thick of grieving my mum's death. I thought it was selfish she wouldn't understand this and now holds it against my daughter and I by very rarely having anything to do with us (we visit them). I don't feel like I've had much support since mum died from my mil or sil's and it makes me mad and sad! Every time I bring it up with husband he defends his family all the time and never sees my side which makes me so mad too! I've been with my husband for 18 years. Sorry for huge rant I just don't know what to do?? Help x