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Going to Fiji with 6 mth old Rss

help i need some advice on traveling with a 6mth old and what i should take to fiji, i keep on thinking of so much stuff i might need.
any advice whould be great.
p.s. how do i clean and steralize his bottles


I havent taken kids o/s but i would take milton tablets and a plastic container for the bottles.
Hi Katerina,

Where are you staying?

I took my son when he was 9 mths, the resort proovided a cot for us, we took jars of food, but they offered to make vegies for him. I took all my nappies and wipes with me, and farex. You can take all sort of baby foods, it all must be sealed though.

I'd contact the resort and see what they can provide for you.

Good luck, enjoy your holiday.

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