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Getting petrol with young children Lock Rss

Hi all, I know we should never leave children unattended in a car, especially at a service station when you get fuel but I've been contemplating what I'm going to do as I'm expecting baby #2 and have a 17mth old.
At the moment i just simply take him in with me and hope he doesn't grab at everything while we are in there. Or I wait to have hubby in the car or get petrol after i have dropped him off at daycare.

My question to everyone is, if you're really needing petrol and you have a toddler and a newborn in the back, do you take them both in juggling with hand holding and baby holding and paying? or do you take the risk and leave them in the car and be as quick as you can?

I also don't understand why petrol stations have the card swipes installed at the pumps but they're always "not in use", this would fix my dilemma by just paying at the pump!!

any suggestions are appreciated!!

I used to think about this too before I had DS.

I have actually only had to get fuel a couple of times when he is with me so far, I just lock the car and keep an eye on it while inside and just make sure he has a toy or something to keep in occupied for a few minutes. The only time I dont leave him is if its a hot day.

If I have my mum babysitting for other reasons i'll just fill up while on the road...even if I'm not on empty i'll do it for the convenience.

Generally though we tend to do it on a weekend on the way out, so DH fills and I stay in the car.

Realistically if you lock the car and keep an eye on it and its not a hot day I dont see it as a huge issue to leave them, its only for a few minutes. I wouldnt leave DS though if he was already upset before I had even left. In his nearly 15 months of life I have only got fuel a few times with him in the car though.

Worst case, duck out at night once the kids are in bed?
oops...double post
I try not to get it unless my DP is with me but sometimes it cant be helped. When i just had DS i would sometimes leave him in the car (depending on his age and whether he was clingy phase). I havnt had to worry now i have 2 but i will just duck in quickly if i have to and watch the car from inside, obviously not if its a hot day. You are right about the paying at the pump, everytime i look you have to use some special kind of key/credit card for it to work, but it would solve the problem for lots of parents!
I leave DS in the car. I am only gone for a minute or so and am watching the car the whole time. Usually I lock it too.

Like others I try and wait til DF is with me but if he's not i leave them in the car, and lock it.
I go to this locally owned petrol station that is tiny it only has 2 pumps the door is right next to the car, i can see them perfectly when im in the shop and DS1 can see me.
Like everyone else I usually wait for husband to do it, but if I have to I leave them in. I don't like them breathing in the fumes, there are cars and strange people everywhere, I know they are securely fastened in their seats.
I always have a spare key in the car for things like this.

I always just turn the car on befor I go to pay for the fuel (with the spare car key) then lock it with my other car key I use all the time.
I leave my DS in the car when I go in to pay. I lock the doors and constantly look back at the car. It's not meant to be done but hey, I'm no saint.....
I live in a small town, i leave them in the car, sometimes i pay cash at the pump. the attendent knows us and keeps an eye on them, I have a petrol card and thats quick also. i think in a busy city i prob would take them with me,
Thanks everyone, I was thinking that if I didn't have a choice then I would leave them in the car with the car locked, but only when it's not hot.
I think the reason they turn the car on is if it is hot, then the A/C is then on, or to just have the radio on.

I have left my monkey man in the car at times, especially if he's asleep and I've locked it, so knowing I'm not the only parent out there who does this does give me peace of mind, lol. thanks!!!

I always go to a very small, family-run service station to fill up.

Because I always go there, they know me and will fill my car up for me, and if I am paying cash I can hand it to them through the window so don't even need to go in.

If I do go in, I always leave my daughter in the car (I lock it if I remember) but the smallness of the place means that there is never anyone waiting ahead of me so I am only a matter of seconds, and I am no more than a couple of metres from my car and can see it the whole time.

So, I recommend small places as the way to go! BTW this is in an inner suburb of a large city, I am not in a small town that only has small places ...
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