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Any advice for travelling overseas with an 8 1/2 month old? Lock Rss

We are planning to visit in-laws in the next few months overseas, and have no experience with taking a baby, any tips or advice would be great. Thanks

Jill NSW 2 and a half yr old BIG Boy

When we took our daughter to England via Hong Kong we carted everything except the kitchen sink, some of it was great, some not so needed. Everyone is different but this was our experience:

If you have a small "stroller" type pram (we have a mcLaren) they're good 'cause you can put bub in them all the way to the plane, then the cabbin crew take them and either put them under the plane or in their over head area (depending how full the plane is).

We took a port a cot, and it was a real pain - heavy (sent our luggage kilos over), more to carry, bulky - but if we were going again I'd be first thing packed (you don't know how safe the hotel ones are, other countries have different standards, not quite as high as Aust., and if you're staying at your MIL's you'll probably need somewhere for bub to sleep).

We didn't take a car seat, but we bought one over there and then gave it to my friend's friend when we left.

We took too many clothes - is that possible??? I don't know how but we did.

Depending how far you're going, you can get sleep medicine. We spoke to our doctor about it, and he prescribed something, can't remember what, which just helps them sleep, but 1%of kids have the opposite effect, so you have to have a test run. We did the test run, but didn't use it in the air...But it was worth having, cause if she was unsettled and couldn't sleep it's a small space and nowhere to escape to, just a plan B.

We did give her demazin to help clear her ears, and on take off and landing we put her on the boob, so she was sucking and didn't get sore ears.

And the best thing we found in every country but Australia is that when they see you coming with a baby they open a new line or take to to the front so you don't have too much time in customs or immigration.

I can't remember too much more at the moment, I hope that's the kinda thing you were after, everyone is different so I hope it helps.



mAy all yOur wiSheS cOmE trUe...


We are travelling to the uk in december Hamish will be just over 2 years and Abby will be 7 months

A great tip I was given was if you are travelling at night put them in there PJ's so you are sticking to there routine as much as possoble. The lady that told me said she even got in to hers and had the best ever sleep ever, I don't think I want anyone to see me in my purple winter pj's that are covered in cartoon sheep.

I was also told to wrap little gifts up to give during the flight although I think that is more for toddlers.

Please tell me how you went when you get back.

Tineka, Mum to Hamish 3yrs, Abby 1yr & 1due 10/04


We have just returned from a trip around the world with our now 9 month old, she was 6 months when we left. Firstly request a bassinet and keep onto the travel agent about confirmation of same, this made the flight stress free also ask your agent to book meals for the baby, we got jars of food on the plane for India and it made things simpler as we were not always able to cook our own food prior to leaving a destination, purchase some of your own jars just in case they do not oblige.

With sleeping I found a portable bassinet (pop up bassinet) at Big W, I have also seen some for sale on Ebay, it folds down to the size of a frisbee and has a fly net over the top of it which comes in very handy.

We also purchased on ebay a baby backpack and India travelled around the less developed countries on her dads back, these are great if a stroller will not make it over the terrain. We also took a stroller for more developed areas. I thought that the stroller and the backpack would be a hassel but it turned out to be fine.

Pack light, baby clothes can be hand washed and dried overnight if necessary so you dont need anywhere near as much as you think.

Hope this helps a bit

Diane, Vic, 14/9/05

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