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Re : What do you do with your outgrown baby clothe Rss

How am I supposed to choose an answer to the current Poll, when I do all 4 options with my kids clothes, depending on the state of the clothes? Couldn't you put another option - All or some of the above?

Unworn clothes I sell on ebay.
Clothes with a few barely noticable marks, I give to friends.
Clothes which can be used for rags (charities sell the to businesses such as printers), or maybe of use to someone, or I think my friends won't like - I give to charity.
After I had my first baby, I kept some of his clothes for the next.
[Edited on 10/09/2007]
what i do is clothes that are still good i give away to frnds
or unworn clothes i give away to frnds or family

micheal 4 years old racheal 2-5yrs

i keep them ready for the next one.
I too keep them in hope of another baby.

i gave them all to my friend who has now jst given to my little cousin. All the clothes are in good condition and once my cousin has finished using them she will pass them onto someone else.

Gave most to family and friends and sold the rest on ebay!!
They have second hand baby and kids markets ; as far as i know they are in every state. what i dont pass on to friends, i try to sell here and whatever i dont sell here i put on ebay. i put large bundles or used condition clothes on ebay and they always always sell. I always buy the kids new season clothes out of the money i made from selling their old ones. I have a 2.5yo girl and 8mth old son so clothes get grown out of very quickly in my house and i definatly do not want any more
I sold the average looking stuff but all the nice girly stuff, I have them in many bags hidding around the house lol I dont want to rid them incase I or some other family member has a baby girl later on!

Hi! I usually give my sons clothes away to friends or family. I'm not planning on having any more children. I've kept some clothes like the clothes when he came home from hospital, his 1st bday clothes and just a few other special items.
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