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Any anyone used this software program? or similiar programs. What was your experiences using such programs. what did u like or dislike.

did you program the program or download free?

I am quite a good photographer (yes modest) but havent really got into the computer aided technology.

hi kylis, im interested in this too. will keep an eye on this, ive heard you hcan download it free, but not sure how good it is. let me know if you have any success....
I use photoshop all the time for work and for fun. It depends what you wanna do with it. The program isn't actually free (legally) and costs around $1100 for it.
It is a fairly complex program to use though and takes a fair amount of work to really be able to do stuff with it. I wouldn't really recommend it to be honest, its very hard to learn how to use, excellent program when you know how but their are easier ones out their.
If you want to do basic photo manipulation and stuff I recommend getting photoshop elements. Not sure of the costs but heaps easier to use and should do most of the stuff your looking at.
Give me a pm if you like (tend not to check this section very often)

I agree with KellynDarcy

I have been using photoshop for the past 10+ years and there's still A LOT i don't know. It isn't very user friendly as there are so many tools / options / adjustments etc.

Elements would be a good idea if you do want to learn photoshop.. must easier starting point.

There are plenty free photo editing programs available on the net but i wouldn't know which one to recommend sorry.

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For very basic editing I use Picasa.

If you are clueless about photo editing try this, it is unbelievable simple and can give so much more to average photos.

It has basic editing-
*red eye
*auto contrast
*auto colour
*Fill light, highlight & shadow adjustment

Then has effects such as Black & white, sepia, sharpen, warmify & tint with one click.

Otherwise for more advanced edits I use GIMP
Its just like Photoshop. I can watch PS tutorials on youtube and achieve the same. GIMP also has a website with Tutorials.

Both are FREE! (legal
I am going to disagree and say that it's not that hard to learn to use.

Admittedly, I don't know how to do half the stuff that you can do with it lol BUT the stuff I do know was pretty easy to learn- I just googled Tutorials and the written step by step ones were easy to follow.

I use it for digital scrapbooking (when I did it)
Photo Invitation Designs
Photo editing/enhancing/restoration

If you're pretty good with computers and a quick learner then you can download a trial version from the Adobe website- I use Photoshop CS20.9
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