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Hello Hello All Rss

Hi everyone... i am new to these forums... it is the first parenting forum i have ever logged into... very interesting.. i am having my second child 20yrs after i have had my first (long break lol)things have changed alot.. i am currently 8 weeks and 5 days along... it seems like a big mountain needs to be climbed over before i get to enjoy my new bundle of joy.
Well catwoman...welcome to Huggies! grin
Hope you find answers to any questions you may have and you're bound to meet a lovely group of ladies along the way! grin
Hope it all goes well with your growing bub.
I have three DS's (7 1/2yr old, 6yr old and an 18mth old)

Thanks Neenie78...

there is alot of information here by many different mums... this is awesome.
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