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Do you remember what kind of your wedding cards? Rss

When you were married, do you remember what kind of your wedding cards? If give you a new chance, what kind of style you prefer?

Nice cards picture but i like simple cards.
We didn't have wedding cards, but there was something more interesting. My husband and I made elope in NY and had a great time. I'm not a fan of lavish weddings and so we decided to organize a holiday for two. You know, it was probably the best decision and I still remember our adventures.
A lot of people design two cards for the wedding and the reception but you can merge both into one for saving money. Depending on this, you can also choose to go for invites that are a bit pricey to make things memorable for the rest of your life. A few months ago, one of my celebrity friend purchases wedding invitation cards from Lavender Paperie, for his Wedding ceremony, who offer the most absolute gorgeous, vintage-inspired wedding invitations around. Thanks.
Due to the perfect wedding photos by i still remember everything that happened on that day. It's was just perfect, starting from invitations till the dance and late night party. Can't say there was a day i was as happy as were back there.
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