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Why do threads have to turn so nasty? Lock Rss

Please don't anyone bite my head off I am asking a simple question, I just want to know why threads get so nasty so often and turn into personal attacks, I thought this forum was supposed to be a place where us mums could come and have a whinge, ask advice, get support or just relax, but it seems more and more lately that its becoming the opposite.We really are our own worst enemies!

Hello, guess it's just different opinions.Some people express them alil strongly than others.
yes, i agree.
this forum is getting a bit much at times. I dont enjoy it as much as i first did when i found this site. I am finding myself more and more in the baby and toddler and pregnancy sections now.
I have found lately though that alot of the posts are being repeated alot, and some just dont really appeal to me, then there are the others that i dont bother posting on, in fear that i will get shot down for having an opinion.
some Mums need to understand, that they only know as much as what we write in our threads/posts, so therefor should not jump to conclusions, and highlight the worse part of what some say. I hope this makes sense.

And i hope that there are no lonely depressed women out there looking for advice, or explaining their bad day (as we all do have them) on here, only to get picked on and to be made to feel worse. Leading to god knows what.

And on another note, i think there are a few bullies on this site, some are just too high oppinionated, and the impression i get from some is that they think that there sh!t dont stink. we all do parenting different, and there is no wrong or right ways. some things are easier for other mums, and some things dont work for other mums.

this is not a nasty post, it is just my observation smile

3 Little Ones to Love.....

It's a shame isn't it enak? I think it comes down to everyone having their own opinion and everyone thinking their opinion is right! But that's just my opinion - LOL!

I believe that if you read a thread that upsets you or you don't agree with what is being said, then just move on. Don't reply. Don't collect your $200, just keep moving!

Unfortunately it seems that there are people out there who start threads just to get a bite out of someone and that's sad. And it's even sadder when people do bite and it all goes bad.

Have a lovely day and a great weekend! smile]
OK, here it is. I have been sitting back listening to all the crap being spouted forth for the past six months and I have to say. I AM SO SICK OF IT! I have been a member (valued I hope) for almost four **** years now, and never have I seen the site go to trash the way it has in the past six months. You used to be able to come on here to get advice on pregnancy, childbirth, babies, toddlers, husbands and everything in between, but now it is full of narkiness, trash talk and ridiculous threads that DON'T EVEN BELONG ON A BABY SITE! For the good lords sake, I am so tired of fights! I'm tired of women posting things like "my child played with shower power", or "should I stop doing drugs now that I'm a mother?" or another fabulous one, "I don't want to breastfeed because it's gross". ****!
I have decided that I am not going to even bother with this site until things change, which they probably won't. I have met two of my best friends on this site, and am email buddies with a lot more, so as far as I'm concerned, I have gotten my worth and don't need to listen to the drivel any longer. Go ahead and attack me if you want, but there are a LOT of other users that have decided not to participate in the site anymore for exactly the same reasons. So, to all the people I got along really well with, most of you know my email address so keep in touch. To anyone else, it's a shame that you never got to know me, because I am a really nice person, give good advice, and always listen to others who need it. I may pop in and out at times just to check if things have gotten any better, but until they do, I WILL NOT be posting again.
To all the innocent people out there, I'm sorry you have to read this and what I am about to say doesn't apply to you.
Over and OUT!
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Oh Katey G,you are so spot on. Ever since this forum has been reopened to every man and his dog, it has gone to the crappa. So many awesome members have gone for this reason, RELVY WE MISS YOU!!!! As well as Elleni and Nikkiii who don't seem to be on here either. It just seems that you daren't disagree with anyone or they will go off and have a sook about it, I have never been a sheep and I will not start now just because that it the way this forum is heading.

Exactly Kate! Remember back when we all could have a laugh and talk about KIDS stuff? Like when Charlie decided that chalk looked good on my white walls? Or fingerpainting with yoghurt was cool? I miss Elleni and Nikkii very much and know that they don't come here anymore because of all the crap. I miss talking to you all but think it would be better to stay on msn or email until all the trashy stuff is gone. Huggies used to be a really valuable place to be. Not anymore!

LOL yups I am hearing you!! Tell me, what colour chalk was it on your walls?? I hope it was pink and purple!!
So many awesome members have gone for this reason, RELVY WE MISS YOU!!!!

Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (_0_)

PM Me For a link to an awesome site

OMG that cute bum that I have missed so much!!
Relvy, would you like some nachos and coke while you are stopping by??
I joined here in April to get advice after a M/C, I really needed help and I found some really lovely ladies on here that helped through the worst time in my life.
Now I get on here and think why any new member want to come on here for advice?? Its really offputting for new members to sit here and see people get bagged for their opinions and asking for advice.
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