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1st birthday Party recipes??? Lock Rss

Hi all,

It's my Baby's 1st birthday Party next weekend and I have no idea what to serve for the kiddies. When my other 2 were that young it was just the 2 of them no-one else we knew had kids that small so it was easier. But Michael has a few little friends coming so I am stumped on what to put out for them to eat. (obviously no Carrrots or celery, anything hard)
If any one has any little ideas please help me:)

Thank you so much in advance

Kathy,VIC,Josh 8, Alex 7, Michael 1

Hi I have collected a few baby recipes, including some finger food, can't vouch for all of them but if you are interested you can email me [email protected] and I'll send them to you. They are in a word document file.

Jeninne, WA, Bradyn 24/11/04, #2 Ryan 01/12/06

Hey there, can you send them to me?? [email protected]

traffic light bread... a friend had this at her DS 1st bday and it was rad lookin...

you use philly cream cheese and then divide it into 3 separate bowls and put green food colourin in one bowl of philly red in another and orange in another, get one slice of bread spread one colour then put another slice and put another colour then again soo you have the 3 colours put in the fridge for a lil while say umm half hour or soo and then cut into like long rectangles soo they look like traffic lights... they taste pretty plain but the kids love them...

hope that wasnt confusin and pm if you wanna use it and need too know more...

also i make mini hot dogs which i use bread rolls and cheerios' they are good to...

rachel... smile

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