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I've taken some scotch fillet out for dinner tonight, but i've gone off any type of steak lately, so I'm after a really yummy sauce or something else I can do with it.
[Edited on 08/12/2009]
I like dianne sauce with my steak I cook the steak and remove from pan I then cook a clove or two of garlic for a minute then add 250mls of cream and 2tablespoons of wostershire sauce allow it to thicken add back the steak to warm through and serve. If you dont have cream you can substitute the cream for regular gravy.

Cheers Ness

Brown it on each side, then dab dry with a paper towel, spread a tablespoon of your favourite chutney on it (I like fruit chutney), wrap it in ready rolled puff pastry and put it in the oven for 20 mins. Yummy!

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