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Had a friend over for dinner last night, and i am making a salad. I peel the mushrooms as i cant stand the thought of eating them with the skin on as i know they are grown in sh#t. She thought i was a bit strange.
So am i the only person who does this ?
Thanks girls. Am starting to feel wierd now. blink
I know lots of people who peel them and if I ate them raw I would too but i hate them unless they're cooked so I leave the skin on smile
I think the majority of the vitamins are in the skin! I peel mine if they are really filthy and I couldn't be bothered washing them, but try to keep the skin usually.

I like to peel them & wash them. Hubby thinks it's weird but i always thought that's what you do with them since that's how my mum does them

I ALWAYS peel them! For the same reasons as the op !!
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