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Need help from thrifty families?! Lock Rss

Is there anyone who can assist me with my grocery bill? I currently spend $150 in pay week and about $50 in the off week. This is my maximum I can spend on food, nappies, toiletries. We have three adults, a one year old who isn't on formula and a cat. I'm really struggling to find variety, especially for lunch and snacks. I've done some googling on the topic but all the suggestions I find involve couponing which we obviously don't have. I have coles, woollies, iga, aldi and big w in my town. Does anyone have any advice? Please.
I find shopping less often works wonders. (I could spend $250 a week but now I do it monthly and spend maybe $600 a month so saved heaps).

Also meal planning. If you write a plan and then write your list from that it's easier.

And only buy what's on your list don't get extras.

Don't shop when you're hungry.

Also you can buy cans etc that will last when they're on special and stockpile so some weeks when you're short then you don't need any.

Think that's about it. I spend more than you do so not sure how much help I am. lol. I'm impressed you only spend $100 a week! Not sure how you manage that!!
I find if I save a little and sometimes go without and shop in bulk I spend less. For example, my toilet paper I only buy Coles quilton 20 rolls for $10.00 and nappies funnily enough at babies r us at toys r us in a bulk pack of 144 which saves me from a) buying nappies every week, and b) saving of $33.00 every three weeks. I hope these ideas help. Good luck and take care. wink

If something is hard to do, then it must be worth doing. Never give up, life is for living, so get out there!

!!!GOOD LUCK!!! wink

Hi there smile
The previous posters have offered some great advice smile

I'm on a strict budget at the moment because we want to pay off our debt fast (we recently moved states, very expensive!)

I do the majority of my shop at Coles now because it's all we really have close by, otherwise I have to battle the innercity traffic which drives me mental.
I use my flybuys card and activate all of the rewards they offer.
Almost every week when I spend $110 on my groceries I get a $20 voucher which pays for milk, fruit and veg top ups mid week. I also take advantage of triple flybuys points and get an extra $10 voucher when I cash in my flybuys (usually every month or 2).
I have never been so frugal in all my life but it's paying off. I used to spend well over $250 per week on groceries, sometimes $300 plus!
Now I rarely spend more than $150.
I really have to meal plan. Left over rice becomes fried rice with lots of veggies and egg. Left over chicken gets put into cold rolls. I make high protein seed bars for the kids to snack on. Fruit muffins, always homemade.
Brekky is eggs, pancakes or porridge (soaked overnight with chia and flaxseeds).
Nothing gets wasted!
Stick to the outside aisles. There's no need to buy processed rubbish anyway smile
All the best

I am kitty wink

I have a family of 6 and spend $600 a fortnight . This means I spend about $50 per person a week.

The previous posters have offered some great advice.

I always meal plan when I say meal plan I mean every meal. Breakfast is eggs or rolled oats or toast, sometimes weetbix. Snacks are small tin tuna, nuts and fruit. Yoghurt for the kids. I also bake 2 or 3 things a week. Lunch always has salad with cooked chicken or other meat. This can be on a roll, bread or wrap. Sometimes by itself.

I use earth choice cleaning stuff. It's cheap and my sons skin has no reactions to it. We don't buy any prepacked stuff.
I do my main grocery shopping once a fortnight. (Would be once a month but I don't have the room for it) I then buy fruit and veg every 3 or 4 days. If we run out of anything that is not fruit and veg then that is it till the next fortnight.
I shop at 3 different places. My first stop is a fruit and veg store that sells other grocery as well. I find the other stuff is much cheaper then anywhere else. The second stop is Aldi for things like meat, cheese, milk, yoghurt, cleaning stuff, nappies and personal stuff like soap, then I go to coles for anything else I can't find at my fruit and veg shop or aldi.
My goal this fortnight is to spend $400.
Waywad-870 wrote:
I have a family of 6 and spend $600 a fortnight . This means I spend about $50 per person a week

I've never thought about it that way before wayward. Makes the amount I spend seem much better when you divide it out like that. smile
I have a family of 3, b2 adults and one breastfed baby. But the biggest thing I found when grocery shopping was nappies. I have now swapped to modern cloth nappies (MCN) and I save so much money. they are expensive at the start to buy, but they save money in the long run. We use MCN when at home and only use disposables when we go out. Using MCN I find I don't use nappy creams either, not to sure why but daughter never gets red when wearing them, so that's saving money not buying disposables or nappy creams.

I also do meal planners, and shopping lists. So I write a list according to my meal planner. Then I do online shopping home delivery (I live in the country an hour from wollies but they still deliver for $9). This way I only buy whats on my list and don't get tempted buying other things when walking down the isle.

We also have a veggie patch and grow lots of veggies and use them, along with chooks to supply us with eggs and eat lots of quiches and zucchini slice as its really cheap for us, but I understand some people are limited as to space, but Im thankful we have 1.5 acres to grow food.

Good luck
I already plan my meals, I struggle to stockpile as anything I buy gets used up. At the moment I go to the shop each day with a few dollars that I have as spare and get the reduced milk and bread and freeze it. I buy reduced meat and other food whenever I can, the only thing I won't but reduced is dips etc. thank you to everyone who commented as it has been a good help to me. I will endeavour to become more organised and take on this advice.
I very rarely buy them anyway, we struggle to get thru a small tub of it, it's one of those occasional things we buy if we feel like it...
It is very hard but if there is 3 adults in the house why are you paying for everything can get baby wipes at aldi 450 pack for 7.95 there just like huggies I made the switch save you 15 bucks there the nappies a cheap to and there good think there only 13 for 48 back um not sure what formula your baby uses but aldi has that to 15 a can and it's made in Australia I used to use it but stopped it cause bub has reflux I would go to aldi and Coles there cheap iga is to expensive i never shop there anymore there way over price especially for nappies they will charge 40 for newborn huggie nappies where woolworths only charge 28 to 30 just to let u know huggies nappies are on sale at Coles for 28 for a 90 pack if you use that brand save u 33 bucks hope I helped
Oh and any mums there is a great website called your discount chemist and you get 3 advent bottles for $19 and all advent pacifiers are $8.90 for two instead of 11 to $15 in woolworths and Coles
Me and my hubby spend $100 a week max on food atm (baby due in August so we'll see how it changes!) but my biggest tip is don't buy your fruit and veg at the major supermarkets, go to a fruit and veg shop, sooo much cheaper!!
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