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Hi everyone,

So I would love to be a stay at home mum, But due to certain circumstances my partner and I just cannot afford for me to not go back to my job. The biggest bummer is that I have to work Full-time! 5 days a week. Throughout my maternity leave I found myself excited to go back, mainly for the socializing and to get out of the house but now with only a week and a half to go iv started to feel REALLY guilty about leaving my son. I never expected to feel this way sad My partner is going to look after him 2 days a week and then the last 3 days we are taking him to a in-home based childcare with a family friend. So in ways its good because hell be with people hell know, But I just cant seem to get over the guilt factor

Anyone else been through this and felt this way? I hope it gets better :s

Thanks ladies

It's a horrible feeling I know, but you are doing it for the right reasons.
When you do go to work, Just think that you are doing it so your family
Is well provided for & for your futures security.
Enjoy the social aspect & even better- cherish your weekends with your little boy.

I hope it all goes smoothly for you smile
I was in the exact same situation as you 4 weeks ago, DP and I were struggling on just his wage so I knew I had to go back. Also I had to go back fulltime as my job doesn't really allow part-time due to deadlines etc. The week before I went back I was in tears just about everyday because I couldn't bear to leave Henry. But I'm now back at work and it seems to be ok. I still feel bad now and again for leaving Henry all day but he's with my mum so I know he's going to be fine. I just have to try spend as much time with him on the weekends and evenings as possible.

Also be prepared to be absolutley exhausted! It has been the hardest 4 weeks ever! Even compared to when Henry was a newborn! blink I'm just starting to settle now! Get early nights if you can!!! grin

You'll be ok because you are doing the right thing by your family. smile

I am going through this at the moment. I'm currently negotiating my days back at work, but really it's them dictating to me what they want me to do. We have no family here so DD will go to child care, she has never been away from me for more than 5 hours and that's only been on two occasions. So she will be in care in an unfamiliar place with unfamilir people.
I don't even like my's caused me great stress in the past but we need the money, and to top it off we have finally sold our house and settlement is due, wait for it, one week before i return to work. so ontop of finding suitable childcare, sorting out work, we now need to find a home. (no wonder the wine racks are empty).
Omg I fell your pain I to have to return to work in 6 weeks. I'm feeling sick to the stomach. I returned to work part time for two months and could not bare to leave my son in day care so I returned back on maternity leave. Now my time is almost up again but this time work won't except me back part-time i have to return on a full time basis. I'm not going to handle it well at all the tears will flow.. He's to little he still needs me. I feel for any one in this situation it's just not fair. I sometimes wish I lived in the cart and horse days no electricity bills, water bills, petrol prices, grocerys ect.....
I know how you feel. I had no choice but to return to work to keep the peace with my mil and hubby as they both turned around n told me to go back. I was hoping to wait till my DS was 12 months instead i had to go back when he was 5 months. He goes to day care 3 times a week and the other 2 he has with my mother. All i can say is be prepared for child to get sick from being in child care. My Ds has been sick 8 times in 4 months due to being at day care, we dont take him anywhere else besides day care and my mothers place so i feel unhappy as i should have put my foot down and said no till he was 12 months.
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