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Mere Male! Lock Rss

Its not just males - Remember during pregnancy when you go through that memory loss and concentration stage well i did with both preganancies. I was at my local chemist and was usinf the eftpos machine to withdraw money i gave the lady my card and she said you wont be able to get money out with that card and i replied yes i will i have money in the account and she showed me the card i had handed over my medicare card ( my keycard and medicare card are the same colour) i felt like an idiot!


Its amazing what children pick up - I ahve a bad habbit of telling my partner to have a smoke when we are fighting and he is stressing. Well the other day he was stressing at something outside that wouldnt work and I heard my 3 year old daughter say oh why dont u just have a smoke. I couldnt help laughing (i know i shouldnt have) he just looked at me and said you can tell she is your daughter.


In the early weeks of pregnancy I went to my GP to get a referral to King Edward memorial hospital. When I came home my darling fiance' says "how did your appointment go?" I said "fine, now I'm just waiting for a call from King Edward".
He turned around and in all seriousness asked "who's king Edward?"



I will be laughing for days about this!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I love everyone's stories. They really made me laugh.

I asked my DH to organise the "bag" for us the other day, we were going to the park with the kids. Foolishly I trusted him and didn't check the contents before leaving. We arrived at the park with a couple of cold beers and some chips. Nothing for the kids to eat or drink and no hats. When i questioned what he had included he responded with "You're never happy, I packed something for us what more do you want".

Duuhh, When I said "us" I meant the kids.

OOhh he says, sorry.


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Hi Aljay
I live with two mere males, one being my boyfriend the other being his brother. when one of them can't find something they always come to me. and i have a look if i find it. i tell them "see a female can find something but all a male can do is complain" or : it' a male thing" or "the fact is he's male" to which i always get a sideways glance. but thats them(males) their look is a once over the top, can't find it complain.

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While I was pregnant I went to watch Daddy to be play soccer. A gentleman was on the sideline next to me with his two young children. His daughter stated that she was thirsty and wanted a drink. Dad replied ok. She then asked if she could have a poppa. Dad replied that he wasn't Mum and didn't come organised.. at least he knows he's MM!!

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